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Thanks to educated Victorians with their lustrous names, intelligence and writing abilities, they have passed on to us what a mannered person should do in all social situations. In the 1870's to 1880's there were at more than sixty (60) etiquette books that were published of which includes Victorian wedding etiquette. These Victorian wedding etiquettes became popular before and are still popular in these days.

Victorian wedding etiquette focuses on manners, culture and dress before, during and after the wedding ceremony and reception. Victorians also have etiquette rules on courtship and engagement.

Victorian Wedding Etiquette on Marriage Ceremony

For Victorians, the marriage ceremony varies with the fortunes, desires and wishes of the wedding parties. According to Victorian Wedding Etiquette, a bride and couple may have a very lavish and expensive wedding if they can afford it or they can have a small gathering of closest family and friends celebrating the wedding with them.

As to the form of right, Victorians have no specific directions as to how the wedding rite should be done, but they should follow rules of their churches of the proper wedding rite.

Victorians who are to be married by their ministers, wedding etiquette calls them to study the form or proper wedding rite of their particular church. For Victorians who will be married in a Methodist church should study Book of Discipline. Episcopalian Victorians, on the other hand should read the Book of Common Prayer. Catholic Victorians are invoked to know the basic Ritual in a Catholic Wedding Celebration.

In Victorian wedding etiquette, couples must do wedding rehearsals. The rehearsal of the ceremony is always made in private. Victorians believe that  with this way, the bride and groom and the wedding parties could understand better the necessary forms and rites.

Victorian Wedding Etiquette General Rules

Victorians have general rules in wedding etiquette. They are interesting to learn and to note especially if you are planning to have a Victorina wedding theme.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are expected to assist in the preparation of the wedding and even during the wedding especially if the wedding is not private. Wealthy Victorians held weddings for public and with many guests that were expected to attend (even from nearby towns), the hired help won't be able to accommodate the guests.

Although this seems funny nowadays, but Victorian wedding etiquette is clear on this matter: bridesmaids should be younger, yes you read it right, younger than the bride. If you have an older sister who you love you dearly, you won't be able to make her a bridesmaid if you were born during the time of the Victorians.

Victorian wedding etiquette on bridesmaids clothing is also peculiar. Bridesmaids should wear dresses that look like that of the bride. It was believed before (even before the time of the Victorians) that a devil is on the loose everytime there is a wedding. This devil is tasked to kidnap the bride, take her away from her groom, and take her virginity from her. So, bridesmaids are selected, those that look like the bride, younger or of her age, and must dress the way she dresses so as to confuse the devil who should be taken.

The material for bridesmaids wedding dresses are usually light and flowing fabric that allows graceful gait, and must have lots of ornament. Dresses should not be necessarily expensive.

The bridesmaids should assist the bride (thus the name brides' MAID) in dressing her, receiving company, holding her things, etc. They should stand at the brides left side, with the first bridesmaid or the maid of honor holding the gloves and bouquet.

As for the groomsmen, he should receive the clergyman and present to him the couple to be married. The first groomsman or the best man should stand upon the right side of the groom during the ceremony.

Victorian wedding etiquette has not been changed much. They are still the basic wedding etiquette that we have today. We can follow Victorian wedding etiquette's general rule as is without looking or making ourselves outrageous. Some of victorian wedding etiquette are just bent a bit, such as a wedding dress, to accommodate the wishes and desires of the bride or the groom or of a relative special to the hearts of the couple.

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An elegant and huge love in simple and small wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings that can be organized. The budget is not too high, the attendees are all relaxed and will likely have a good time and nuances such as children running around and making noise will be avoided. A wedding without too much frills makes sure that the love between the couple is the focus of the ceremony.

Etiquette in a small wedding

Guests are only advised to wear clothes comfortable to them. A dress from a closet selection, a white one or even a sundress is appropriate for a small wedding. A bridesmaid can wear a white dress or even a pantsuit. The groom can go for khakis, or even jeans paired with a shirt and a sport coat.

A small wedding can be held in a community center, a local park or even your parents’ backyard. Holding ceremonies in a unique location such as a rooftop, a barn, an art gallery can clearly speak about the personalities of the couple.

Invitations in a small wedding can be handwritten on handmade paper. Send them like writing a note to a close friend. It is important to note that attendees should be in casual attire.

Simple bulbs such as hyacinths or tulips can serve as alternatives for floral flower arrangements. Using these will generate huge savings for the couple. Gerber diaries inserted in a flat container filled with wheat grass can serve as an attractive centerpiece.

The menu of a small wedding can be very diverse. A party can be set a few months before the wedding and the guests can be asked to bring their favorite recipes. The couple can choose their favorites and use them as wedding food. It is also good to acknowledge whose recipe it is by putting a label in front of every dish. Besides a party, a barbeque or picnic fare can be held.

Common retail stores such as Sears or Target can be used as gift registries. Couples can specify what they want to receive in order to avoid the usual gift of expensive China that will likely collect dust in a cabinet.

Costs, costs, costs

Tradition dictates that the bride’s parents are responsible for paying off the wedding regardless if it is small or big. However, expenses have become an issue due to the challenging times. The etiquette in requesting for money is by gathering both families and discussing how to share in the wedding expenses, as the couple will unlikely have enough to cover all of their needs.

The budget will be a major basis on what type of wedding will be held. The couple needs to meet with everyone who will be attending. However, the couple cannot force their parents to shell out money that is not available.

Couples can make various compromises if their budget falls short. For example, less expensive rings can be used. A more expensive replacement can be acquired in the future. Some couples do not even have wedding rings at all. Those living in a nice climate can have the reception at home and hire catering services. To help control costs, a butler can be tasked to pass around hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments.

The parents of the groom traditionally pay for the following items:

  • Boutonnieres for groom's attendants
  • The bride's bouquet
  • Officiate fee or donation
  • Rehearsal Dinner  
  • Lodging and transportation expenses of the rabbi or minister
  • Corsages for every family member
  • Transportation of the Groom and Best Man going to the wedding

Giving tips is a nice way of rewarding those that have given good service but it is not a requirement. A tip given to a minister can be seen as a gift for marrying the couple. Tips can be given to servers, drivers and musicians but still, this is not a requirement.

The etiquette in service fees

Couples should make sure that they are comfortable with the people that are helping in the wedding whether it is the wedding experts, the photographer and even the florists. They should share the same vision on how the wedding should come out and not merely focus on how much money will spent.

A couple may receive possibly the lowest price but if the rendered service does not meet what was promised, the value is useless, even if it is a small wedding.

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Weddings were almost always held during daytime in the past. But like evolution, the customs and norms on weddings have also evolved over time.

Most couples nowadays find evening weddings more romantic and ideal. Evening weddings have increased popularity over time.

People see weddings, especially receptions as a perfect time to mingle with old and new friends and generally socialize. However, only few know that several wedding etiquettes do exist for evening weddings.

As for almost any issue hounding etiquettes on weddings, you will be surprised how evening wedding etiquettes mainly revolve around the most basic issue and concern on weddings--- attires.

For the bride and the groom, it is surprising that not much is expected during evening weddings. Evening weddings, according to several etiquette books and guides, should be treated as if they were daytime wedding. But take note, the case only applies to brides and grooms.

Being a nice and good guest, you are expected to follow several practical and unwritten guidelines. You would not want to create a bad impression to people, don’t you?

To illustrate the most common dilemma encountered by guests, who really try hard to be good guests, read on for a sample situation that you may have encountered in the past.

An evening wedding situation

Annie was invited to the wedding of a high school friend. The event poses a lot of excitement to her because she sees it as an opportunity to touch base and catch up with old high school friends.

Thus, Annie wants to make sure she will create a good and fashionable impression on that night. She wants to show everyone how she has improved and gotten prettier and foxier over the years.

However, one concerning factor about the wedding was that it is an evening wedding. Annie has attended just a couple of evening weddings before, and those were informal events, unlike this forthcoming one.

The invitation sent to her clearly and boldly emphasized that the guests are expected to come in formal attire. Ahh, Annie thought. That would be to her advantage. She will more exuberate radiance through a beautifully made gown.

The wedding night of her friend turned out to be disaster for Annie. Why? Because with her utmost desire to ‘dress to impress,’ she found that she over did it.

Annie wear a very beautiful and radiant fire-engine red gown. The dress accentuated her figure, and no wonder, she was really beautiful.

If she was beautiful on her gown, what went wrong? What happened in the evening wedding that made Annie want to run out instantly from the event?

Apparently, Annie unintentionally stole the bride’s wedding thunder. Since she came in flaming red and beautiful gown, all eyes were on her during the wedding. Some people, to her dismay, also came to congratulate her, mistakenly identifying her as the bride.

It can never be flattering. Not all eyes were smiling to Annie. The bride’s eyes were flaming red, with anger! All the bride’s maids, and almost all the ladies in the ceremony showed those disgusted and unwanting looks to Annie. She thought, she should never have attended that evening wedding.

Dress for the occasion

Evening wedding invitations that bear the phrase “black tie optional,” indicates that the evening wedding is meant to be a formal gathering and the hosts intend the guests to appear formal.

Men are expected to appear in their tuxedos and women in their evening ball gowns.

For the burden of the ladies, they should first find out about the wedding colors and motifs before showing up at the wedding. Otherwise, they, for sure, would not want to catch hot and daunting eyes during the entire ceremony until the reception.

For the ladies, remember not over do it. Do not steal the thunder from the bride. Do not out do the bride’s maids, the maid of honors and the bride’s mom as well.

Dress down. Find a suitable color and design of the gown that can attract attention, but not too much to the extent that all eyes are totally fixed on you. Remember, it should be the bride who should stand out on her much-awaited moment.

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Children and Wedding Etiquette
Most of the romantic and ideal wedding scenes we have seen in movies involve cute and huggable children. However, being the jolly, innocent and fun creatures that they are, most often, weddings, at least in the movies, involving children turn out to be hilarious and disastrously funny.

We know that children are always seeking fun and will not stop to entertain themselves during boring hours. Children can not easily cope up and comprehend the fun adults have on weddings. The occasion can be very boring to them.

When children get bored, they usher in trouble to adults. They can roam around, throw cakes at people, fight with other kids or ruin things. These are fun to them, but can be nightmares to adults, especially to brides and grooms during weddings.

Children and invitations

Admit it. The sad reality is that more and more brides, and grooms as well, do not like the idea that children will be coming over to their weddings.

Just the thought of crying children and children messing up with her gown and that of the bride’s maids make several brides throw up. Another sad fact is that some parents are not very sensitive to the issue. They could not think and understand how a bride could dislike cute and loveable kids in her wedding.

Wedding etiquette books and guides have it that the best way to exclude children to the occasion is to mention it in the invitations.

According to most wedding etiquette books, brides and grooms who dislike kids around their weddings can do two things: one, do not mention kids’ names in the invites; and two, spread the word that children are not wanted in the wedding.

The second option can be brutal, but it is nicer than having to control kids’ tantrums and annoying acts during weddings.

Because not all people understand and know wedding etiquettes, it is advisable that at some occasions, the couple should be straight forward to inform the guests before hand that the wedding would involve an ‘adult reception.’

Frankly telling parents-guests that kids will not be welcome in the wedding can also be a viable option.  For some, the gesture will not be that polite, but practicality will tell other wise. Every bride and groom wants solemnity for their much- awaited moments. Understand that.

Another tactic to exclude children in wedding invitations is to mention the number of seats reserved for a particular guest. For example, Mr and Mrs Winterburg are reserved only two seats at the reception. That means, that Mr and Mrs Winterburg’s five kids do not have places in the wedding. They should know that.

If the guests still fall clueless and insist on bringing along their children with them, call them before the wedding and explain why children should not be attending the wedding. Educate them a little about wedding etiquettes.

Wedding etiquettes for children’s parents

For parents, if it is not mentioned in the wedding invitation that children are not allowed to attend the wedding, and the couple and hosts did not call to emphasize the idea, then it is safe to assume that you could tag along your children.

However, be informed and bear in mind the simple wedding etiquettes for parents. You would not want to ruin the wedding just because your kid suddenly threw an act or suddenly threw a tantrum.

Assume the position of the bride and the groom. Think of how you would feel if you were on their shoes, and children are creating scenes at your wedding. It would not be pretty and cute, right?

Make the initiative to leave your kids at home, if you can help it, when you attend the wedding. They could play around the house or watch the television or do their stuff at home. They might get bored throughout the wedding ceremony and spoil everything.

For those helplessly take along children with them on weddings, wedding etiquette experts advise you to make the most of the opportunity. In other words, make the occasion a venue or time for teaching the kids of simple and practical wedding etiquettes.

Make the occasion a teachable moment by informing the kid that he or she should behave through out the occasion just like how to adult guests behave.

This will be the best teaching occasion to shoe the kids how to act during weddings, or train them about some table and social manners.

Moreover, wedding etiquettes tell us to learn from each wedding. For the couple, on how to be good hosts. For guests, on how to be good guests and for parents to be good teachers to their kids who are incidentally, also attending the wedding.
The worst nightmare of any couple is the cancelled wedding. Despite months of preparation, things can still go wrong even at the moment of saying “I do.” From a cheating partner to having the extreme case of cold feet, one must remember to maintain wedding etiquette throughout the entire ordeal.

Depending on the seriousness of a cancelled wedding, one can still turn a failed occasion into a positive one. An obvious wedding etiquette procedure is to inform the family and guests that there will be no wedding celebration. If the wedding is cancelled a few days before the actual ceremony, sending cards to family and friends announcing the broken engagement is a suitable wedding etiquette.

All arrangements made for the wedding date itself should be cancelled. Some companies will ask for payment, an amount that could be equal to the preparations taken by the supplier. It is a wedding etiquette to handle all this with grace and finesse.

However, if the cancellation happens on the wedding date itself, the announcement must be made verbally and as soon as possible to avoid public humiliation. The family should use the wedding etiquette of comforting the one left at the altar and make it a point to shield him or her from other people since this is a sad situation.

Gift wedding etiquette should be followed. This means all the wedding gift items will be returned, including cash, appliances or properties. It will be hard to do but at least the aggrieved party will not be accused of impoliteness.

When calling off a wedding, it really is a proper wedding etiquette to do it months before the wedding date. That is what pre-marriage counseling is for. The wedding etiquette dictates that all couples should take marriage seminars to make sure that they are prepared emotionally and mentally for the huge responsibility ahead.

A broken engagement is embarrassing as it is but as a wedding etiquette, you have the freedom not to question the couple why they decided not to continue with the wedding. And being the couple, you also have the right not to tell anyone until you feel you are ready.

Not all broken engagements happen because of a lonely partner. When a relative’s death occurs, it is proper wedding etiquette to cancel the wedding. This shows wedding etiquette in respect to the deceased’s family and expresses sincere sorrow.

Proper wedding etiquette is to allow six months to pass before attempting to walk down the aisle again. And even if the couple decides to wed two to three months after the death in the family, one must be ready to simplify the ceremony to observe wedding etiquette.

Engagements broken by family members also happen. If this occurs, try to resolve the matter as discretely a possible. Wedding etiquette dictates that only the couple can decide on canceling the weeding or postponing it to a later date.

When a partner is left cold on the altar:

Things can become worse but you can also turn it into a positive one. If the wedding reception has been paid for, the person who paid for it can use the reception and continue on with the party for the guests’ benefit. Wedding etiquette may not require the aggravated person to attend but it is a better way to forget the embarrassment.

When the cancelled wedding occurs out of town, it is an important wedding etiquette to have a clear head and sort out the pre-made plans of the wedding. Things like the honeymoon trip and the hotel accommodations must be taken cared of. If the aggrieved party has paid for the trip, he or she can choose to take it as a getaway and period of reflection.

Bouncing back from the broken engagement:

The first few weeks are the toughest to face. Be prepared to here the question “Why?” and “What happened?” a lot. Wedding etiquette dictates that you have to face these people with a smile and offer as little detail as possible.

As attractive as the sound of revenge is, you must try to keep an open mind and be as civil about everything a possible. Remember that this person once had an important part of your life and part of a wedding etiquette is to respect their decision.

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How to Host a Couples Wedding Shower
Instead of the traditional wedding shower with only women invited, shower both the bride and groom with gifts and good wishes. A fun alternative to the traditional shower with finger foods and dainty napkins, a couples shower can feature hearty food and drink and loads of fun.

Ask for the bride's and groom's input before planning their couples shower. Develop the guest list with their help, remembering that all shower guests should also be invited to the wedding.

Select a date and time that will be convenient for couples. A Friday or Saturday evening affair or a Sunday afternoon barbecue may be the best bet.

Consider a location other than your home. Restaurants and public parks are good choices, especially if you cannot accommodate a lot of people in your home or backyard.

Choose a theme. While an elegant tea is not out of the question, create an atmosphere in which men will feel comfortable and have fun.

Decide whether you want formal or casual dress. Bear in mind that most people enjoy dressing down, especially on a weekend. Indicate "casual" or "dressy" on the invitation.

Plan a menu. A party with wine and appetizers may be appropriate, or you can arrange for a catered dinner, deli sandwiches or a full-scale outdoor cookout. A potluck affair will be easiest for you and will allow everyone to contribute.

Decide whether you want to play games or not. If so, try to come up with games that will involve the men without seeming too corny.

Consider the gift-opening segment of the party. While men might be interested in the groom's gifts, they might also become bored. Provide alternatives such as a sports event on TV or an outdoor activity.

Try to limit the shower to a couple of hours. To avoid people lingering far beyond your expectations, include both a starting and ending time on the invitation.

How to Throw a Dog Wedding
Dog weddings are fast becoming a hot new trend for animal lovers. Once a tradition solely available to the upper class and celebrities, this trend has become a hot commodity for all. If you love your dog like a child why not throw them a festive party with all their friends and parents?

Make sure the bride and groom are social dogs; they'll need to be comfortable, accepting and calm around other animals and they should be especially friendly with each another.

Make a guest list. If you visit a dog park often, include all your pets buddies that he plays with at the park and their parents to join in the celebration.

Pick a wedding venue to hold the wedding and reception. Dogs love to be outdoors, so your local dog park is always a good choice. If you have a big yard you might want to opt on having it at your house, or if you live near a nice beach, you can have a beach wedding. Once you choose your venue make sure to check the local rules and regulations regarding dogs in the area. For instance, some beaches don't allow animals and will even ticket and fine for breaking these rules.

Prepare for the wedding by stocking up on extra mess bags for all the guests, treats for the dogs and their owners and a dog friendly cake. Dog bakeries are popping up from coast to coast, so finding a dog cake won't be too difficult.

Go shopping for wedding attire. Dog clothing has come a long way over the years and with the popularity of dog weddings only growing, it's easy to find cute tuxedos and wedding gowns for your pampered pooches. If you want to get really creative you can even attach a small corsage or bouquet to the brides back.

Purchase the rings. Since dogs can't wear rings on their little paws owners like to buy special matching dog collars for the happy couple. You can find decorative collars at your local pet store, online, or you can decorate your own.

Give both the bride and groom a good washing before the ceremony and if you want you can even treat them to a day at a dog spa where they can be groomed, have their nails clipped and even get puppy massages and pedicures.

Settle on an officiate for the wedding. You can do it yourself, but it might be more fun if a family member, friend, or even your vet would agree.

After the ceremony let the dogs create their own party. Dogs are great at playing and won't need any help socializing, but you might want to purchase a few extra toys, tug ropes, and frisbees for everyone to share.

Clean up after everyone has gone home. If you are in a public spot, make sure to scour the venue for any messes that were missed during the party and throw away all your trash.

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Do you want to give your Sim the day all brides dream of? She may just be a virtual woman on a computer screen, but that doesn't mean she can't have a dream wedding. If she is engaged to the Sim of her dreams, throw her a wedding that will give her memories to last a lifetime.


Make sure your Sim's partner is on the lot. If he doesn't live there already, pick up the phone and invite him over.

Purchase the Trellisor Wedding Arch from buy mode, which costs 900 Simoleons. Place it in a convenient location. Place some chairs facing one of the open sides of the wedding arch. You can also visit buy mode to purchase a Antonio's Prize-Winning Wedding cake at 400 Simoleons and the Titania Vineyards 1914 Toasting Set at 350 Simoleons. Place both objects on tables near the arch.

Pick up the phone and select "Throw Party" and "Wedding Party." Choose the guests you would like to invite. You can also call and invite a bartender; make sure you have a bar so that he will have something from which to serve drinks.

Mingle with the guests for a few minutes when they arrive. Then when you are ready, click on the wedding arch and choose "Get Married." The engaged Sims will then stand under the arch as the guests gather around.

Cut the cake after the short wedding ceremony. The newlyweds will feed each other a bite of cake. Continue enjoying the party festivities.

Watch as the party clock winds down and a limo will pull up. The bride and groom will automatically climb into the limo and leave the lot for a few Sim hours, as their needs rise to maximum levels. The happy newlyweds will return to the lot ready to begin their new lives together.

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Military weddings are distinguished from most other types of weddings by the formal uniforms worn by the bride and/or groom and by the special traditions that are woven into the ceremony and reception to make the day special.


Decide if you want to get married in a military chapel, at a military academy or in your own civilian place of worship.

Meet with the chaplain as soon as possible, if you do decide to get married in a chapel, to discuss the ceremony and arrange premarital counseling sessions.

Ask for permission to have wedding flowers, music and photography inside the chapel. Rules vary from place to place. Many couples decide to display the American flag during the ceremony, in addition to flowers.

Select a site for the reception. You might consider officers clubs on base or traditional restaurants or hotels in the area.

Order traditional (non-military-style) invitations, but don't forget to include any military titles or ranks held by you, your fiance or either set of parents. Often, the bride will choose to leave her military information out. This is optional.

Include "Full dress uniform invited" on your invitations to indicate that guests are welcome to come in uniform.

Determine the types of uniforms the groom and members of the wedding party who are in the service will wear. Typically, full ceremonial dress uniform is chosen (blue for winter, white for summer), including white gloves and swords (for the Navy and Coast Guard) or sabers (for the Army and Marine Corps).

Decide on the bridal wear. Many brides who are in the service prefer to wear a traditional bridal gown instead of their uniform. If this is the case, select a formal-style gown with a flowing train and veil to complement the formal men's attire.

Select long, formal gowns for the bridesmaids.

Have men in uniform wear their military decorations instead of boutonnieres. A bride in uniform can still carry a bouquet.

Ask honor guards to form an archway with swords or sabers outside the ceremony location for the wedding couple to walk through on their way out. This symbolizes safe passage into married life.

Seat military guests at the reception according to rank and title.

Consider using small American flags or other military symbols as decoration at the reception.

Have a sword or saber ready at the reception for you and your new spouse to use to cut the wedding cake. This is a dramatic touch that guests particularly enjoy.
How to Stack a Wedding Cake
Wedding cakes are frequently several individual cakes elegantly stacked on top of each other instead of one large one layer cake. Each stacked cake layer is called a tier. Most stacked wedding cakes are three or four-tier cakes. Finished stacked wedding cakes appear as if the cakes are just set on top of each other. This is not the case because if they were the cakes would crumble under the weight above it. Instead wedding cakes are stacked in a way that offers support to the layer below.

How to Stack a Wedding Cake

Place the largest cake board on the work surface. Put a bit of icing on the center of the cake board and place the biggest cake layer on the board. The icing will hold it in place.

Mark the diameter of the second layer on the top of the first bottom layer already placed on the large cake board. Use a toothpick to make a small mark on the bottom layer where the dowels will go. Imagine a square inside the measured diameter and place the markings at the four corners of the imagined square

Push a wooden dowel through one marking on the bottom cake through the bottom cake until the dowel reaches the cake board base. Mark on the dowel with a pencil the height of the bottom cake. Take the dowel out of the cake.

Cut the removed dowel off at the pencil mark height measurement with the craft knife. Repeat measuring the bottom cake layer height, marking with pencil and cutting the remaining three dowels so that the end result is of all four dowels being the same length according to the height of the bottom cake.

Push the cut dowels back into the cake where the bottom layer has the holes from measure the dowels. Leave the dowels in the cake and place the next largest cake board on the work surface.

Add the dab of icing and place the next cake layer on top of the new cake board. Repeat the measuring and dowel cutting process once with the next layer if the cake is a four-tiered cake. If it is a three-layer cake, stack all the layers together and decorate the cake. The very last layer, no matter how many tiers is not measured because it is the final layer.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Freeze Wedding Cake
If you are like most couples, you want to follow the tradition of freezing the top layer of your wedding cake in order to eat it on your first anniversary. Freezing the cake is relatively simple, but you have to do it in a way that keeps it fresh for a whole year.

Remove the top layer of cake from the rest of the cake, and remove the cake topper or anything else that isn't edible.

Refrigerate the cake overnight in order to firm up the icing.

Wrap the cake in plastic wrap and make sure the cake is thoroughly covered.

Place the wrapped cake pieces in freezer bags. If you want to be extra safe, you may want to double bag the pieces.

Use a vacuum sealer or even a straw to suck out the excess air from the bags. Any oxygen left in the bag will start to suck moisture from your cake.

Place the bags of cake into the large plastic container.

Place the container in the freezer, and do not disturb for one year.

Wedding veils are often heirloom items, and keeping them in good condition is very important. Proper cleaning of your veil is essential to its preservation. Thankfully, cleaning a wedding veil isn't very difficult as long as you have the right supplies.

  1. Take the veil to a professional cleaner if it is an antique or you aren't sure that it is washable.
  2. Proceed with cleaning your wedding veil if you are confident it is safe to do so. Fill a tub, basin or sink with lukewarm water. Add a small amount of oxygen cleanser and a small amount of gentle fabric wash.
  3. Let the veil soak in the mixture for a few minutes. While it soaks, move it around a few times to let the cleansers penetrate the fabric.
  4. Clean the veil with your hands very gently. Swish it around in the water in the same way a washing machine agitates clothing. You can also squeeze it a bit to dislodge some of the soil.
  5. Run the veil under cold water to remove the dirt and cleaning solutions. Swish it in another tub of clean cold water. If there is still cleaning solution in the fabric, you will be able to see it in the water. If you still see some cleansers coming from the veil, repeat the rinsing process until it is all gone.
  6. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 if there is still some soil or discoloration in your wedding veil.
  7. Lay the veil on a clean dry towel and fold the towel. Press gently to get the water out of the garment. Drape the veil over a curtain or shower rod, clothes hanger or a skirt hanger. It needs plenty of free-flowing air to dry properly.

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