Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's a tradition for the newly married couple to leave the reception early and have a grand exit. If they'll be driving their own car, one fun thing to do is secretly decorate their car so that when they go to leave it is covered with loving messages that identify them as a newlywed couple. It will put a smile on your newly married friend or family member's face.


    1 Write on the windshield and windows with a bottle of white shoe polish, preferably one with a nice tip like a marker. Write messages such as "Just married," "Newlyweds," "Ball and Chain" or the date of the wedding.
    2 Clean out some empty cans like those that hold canned vegetables. Drill one hold near the top in each can. Cut one 2-foot long piece of ribbon for each can. Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie a triple knot. Repeat for all the cans. Four or five cans is best. Tie the other end of the each ribbon onto the rear bumper of the car. If you can't tie it onto the bumper then tie all the ends of the ribbons together in a single large double knot. Take a piece of mounting tape and peel off one side of the protective covering. Stick it onto the bumper and press down to secure. Peel off the other side and stick the ribbon clump knot to the adhesive. Hold down for several seconds to ensure it sticks. A good mounting adhesive will be able to hold the weight of the cans and withstand the motion of them bouncing on the street.
    3 Cut 20 2-foot long pieces of white streamers. Take five and hold them all together in a bunch. Take one end and tie it in a knot around a car handle. Repeat with all of the handles.
    4 Hang a wedding flag from the antenna. It may clip on or it might slide over the antenna through a small vertical hole in the fabric.
    5 Inside the car sprinkle flower petals and spray a romantic body spray.

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