Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Choosing Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings
The tradition of wedding rings have lasted thousands of years ago. Indeed, there is no data exactly when the ring began to be used for marriage. But some literature mentions in ancient Roman times many couples use a simple metal plate as a sign of bonding.

The ring is a symbol bond of love of all time and universally applicable. Its became a marker of the beginning of a relationship and explain the status of the wearer. The ring on the left ring finger as if to speak: Hey, leave me alone, I'm with somebody. They believe the circular ring as a symbol of eternal love.

Centuries later adopted the tradition of the western world. The ring is considered as a symbol of love and trust that characterizes the relationship of men and women. Sometimes given before marriage, known as the engagement ring, it could be when the marriage ceremony known as wedding ring.

Symbols In the ring

In the development of the shape and design of the ring - the ring evolved. In ancient Roman times, for example, there is known as a key model rings made of brass, bronze, or iron. This ring as a symbol to enter the house and the husband may use his property. Key rings particular model used to open the jewelry box.

Diamond rings ranging widely used in the engagement began in the 18th century Europe, there are several reasons that make the diamonds become so popular, that it emits beauty, strength and diamond mines are found in Brazil.

Noble women usually use a large diamond for earrings, tiaras, necklaces, and bracelets. But for them to wear small diamond ring or fine silver tied on a gold ring is Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England is called the first time chose a diamond-studded ring for his marriage. The queen is known as the Queen of Diamond.

Choosing rings At present, a variety of wedding rings available in various models and materials are very varied. But a wedding ring is the most commonly used base material using gold or platinum. The gold appears in a variety of colors such as yellow, pink or white as platinum. Levels of rust which is commonly used is 18 carat gold. Pure 24 carat gold wedding ring less suitable because of the nature of the metal is soft so easy to change due to daily use.

Another option is a silvery-white sheen of platinum-colored classic style. As with gold, the value of this ring is determined the levels of a mixture of other metals such as iridium and ruthenium. For the price of platinum based ring is relatively more expensive than gold.

Generally simple wedding ring design. Many couples choose a plain design as practical for daily use. If they want to be special, the choice is with a touch of jewels on gold or platinum ring. Diamonds are still the most popular choice to date.

In selecting a suitable wedding rings there are several things that can be used as a guide.

Price wedding ring is usually determined by the type of material, rust and severity level. As well as additional ornaments like-diamonds. For a certified diamond wedding ring, for example, the price is definitely more expensive than a regular ring. When a limited budget can be circumvented by reducing the weight, concentration, and simple models. For the price of precious metals is generally the same. You can save money by finding a cheaper cost of manufacture.

Beautiful least rings usually be the first consideration in choosing. You can choose a ring or looking directly at the store and asked for a reference model of special. In choosing the model you need to remember, unlike other rings, wedding rings will be used forever (ideally). So consider also its shape, what does not interfere with the activity, whether the design will last a long time and not get stale. Do not forget to consider the two rings look beautiful in your hand. Choose what will diengrave posts inside the wedding ring. Usually the wedding date or the name of her partner. Choose a wedding ring that favored both partners and choose a design that is self-sustaining. You can bring an example of a dress that you will wear on the day of your wedding to adjust to the shape or ring models and accessories.

It is not only related to the budget or taste, in determining the choice of materials, should also consider the health aspect. What are you allergic to ingredients - certain ingredients. In some cases, a person sweat react differently to certain ingredients. When buying a diamond ring do not forget to pay attention to 4C (Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color).

Do not buy a ring without trying it. The ring should be comfortable and attached to the fitting on the finger, not to narrow, ill-fitting, or the color does not match the color of your skin. The tradition of the left ring finger on your left hand is commonly used for wedding rings. There is no fixed rule on this subject but this tradition is so popular and universally apply this tradition supposedly originated from the ancient Roman belief that mentions that the left ring finger vein amoris are related directly to the heart. Practical reasons are also often raised, left hand ring finger is considered as the least used so that the ring is relatively safe to use.

Do not forget to bring gloves that you will wear on the wedding day if you are going to wear gloves while trying to avoid mistakes wedding ring size.